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Every parent wants their toddlers to become a TV star, but some don’t have the dedication and the patience to help them be prepared and ready for the role. In most casting calls for toddlers, the casting director will want to see if your child can handle the role naturally. So, we’ve compiled a few tips to help toddlers with no experience get the role that fits them the best. That being said, let’s get started on the guide!

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Prepare and Obtain the Right Materials

If you and your child are planning to go to a lot of toddler modeling casting calls, you should have your child memorize a myriad of monologues and songs. This comes in handy in case there are pop up auditions or if the director surprises you and your child by requesting a second monologue to be completed at the spot.

Find Out if the Role is Best For Your Child

Determine if the acting role is for your child. As a parent, you should research the show and see if you and your child is comfortable with the content. For instance, if it includes topics such as crime or violence, then you should use your best judgment and turn down those roles or auditions.

Dress Appropriately

Most auditions for toddlers require your child to dress in an age-appropriate fashion. Unless they state otherwise, they want your child to dress what feels natural to them. This helps them stay comfortable during the process and helps the casting director see them for their acting skills and not their outfit.

Have Fun: Casting directors want to see children have fun when practicing for their roles. This helps them see if your child wants to be at the audition and isn’t there because of their parent’s intentions.

Accept Your Toddler’s Decision

At any point, if your toddler feels uneasy or doesn’t want to continue acting, it’s your right as a parent to accept that decision. You want to avoid the “Toddler and Tiaras Syndrome” by allowing your kid to have an open door and freedom to pursue their acting dreams and change to something else if they don’t desire it.


TV casting for toddlers gives your child the ability to showcase their skills to the casting director. When doing so, you have to help them by getting them prepared and confident enough to audition for the role. Ultimately, if you give your child the ability to have fun while exploring their talents, they might end up in the next movie because of it.

Conduct Research

Before going to toddler auditions, you’ll want to do your research and ensure that they are legitimate and will help showcase your child’s talents. If the audition is for a theater role, go to the show beforehand to ensure that your child is ready for that position.

If its a new TV film/show then you should search the directors’ name and view an example of their previous work history and completed plays. Your research should know everything about the director and the monologue your child is applying. Following this step helps your child prepare for toddler acting auditions and prevents you from getting scammed by a fake acting agent.

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