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Teens Casting Call

It doesn’t matter if your 12 or 15 years old, teenager acting is a different breed than just smiling on camera as a kid. While it will be more challenging, you can still wow your casting director by staying calm and staying present in the role you’re auditioning for. We’ll help you by giving you the most helpful techniques and tips to help you stand out from the other applicants!

Memorize Your Script

You might have received the script a day before the audition, and sometimes you only have a few hours to practice before you are in front of the casting director. Acting is a complicated business that where almost everything is last minute. Most teens aren’t prepared when they enter the room, and they usually read down on the script.

The best thing you can do is help your teen remember their lines for these teenager casting calls.


Make it a fun activity and have them practice it in multiple ways at home. You don’t have to coach them, just make sure that you run through the lines, so they are confident when performing the scene in public.

Don’t Worry About Your Appearance

You don’t have to worry about looks during teen castings. Every teenager goes through puberty, and it changes your voice, makes you appear too tall or short, and makes you think differently than usual. But trust us: The less anxiety you have over your looks, the better your performance will be. So abandon your fear of getting your pimples noticed and get involved with the script.


Besides, there are people that are hired to help improve your looks when on stage. They are called costume designers, stylists, and artists. Some casting calls for teens will have them to ensure that each aspiring actor has enough makeup and costumes to have them look the part.

Take Notes on Your First Audition

When going to teen casting calls, you should have an audition log where you write detailed notes from each audition that you attend. Write down information about the quality of your performance, and any notes that the casting director gives you.


Sometimes, you’ll be called for a role but not receive a call back for weeks. You want to know how you presented yourself and what you did during your first round of auditions, so you know how to perform better on the next one. Write down the names of the directors and anyone you worked with as it will help you create relationships within the acting industry. The acting auditions for teens scene is rather small, you should network was much as you can in order to improve your chances of getting the gig.


Some acting job for teens requires you to be physically in shape in order to play for the role. And, a frequent exercise schedule helps you get prepared and in a good mental state before meeting the casting director. Not only will it improve self-esteem, give your energy, and release endorphins, you’ll be prepared for more roles in the long-term.


What’s Next?


Whether you receive a callback or not, have fun with the auditioning process! While movie auditions for teens can be stressful, you’ll have more fun and be more focused when it’s your turn to act in front of the casting director. By following these steps, you’ll be able to land a role and showcase your talents on TV!

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