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Disney Kids Casting

Disney casting calls for kids should be a fun and pleasant experience. It allows your child to demonstrate their acting ability while obtaining the chance to get a part in a TV show as one of their favorite characters. Here is some advice that will help your child stay relaxed during the audition session and potentially gain the role they’re seeking!

Have a Positive Attitude

If you’re having fun at the audition, your performance will show it. Don’t worry if you feel uncomfortable or nervous, everyone else is as well. All kids acting jobs for disney channel wants is for everyone to give it their best shot and have fun when auditioning for them. You don’t have to be a professional dancer need to smile and exhibit positive energy.

Resume and Headshot

Auditions for disney channel usually require a photoshoot and a resume, so make sure you have one when applying. A high quality photo that’s in standard letter sized paper. The photo has to represent you in the most accurate way. When you make the photo, remember that the headshot is a calling card that you can send to the Disney Casting team to know that it’s you.


Make the resume one page and provide the most recent accomplishments and experience. You don’t have to worry if you have little to no experience, as they’re gauging your acting skills first. Have the resume placed behind your headshot photo, or get it printed directly behind it.

Stay Diligent!

Understand that most kids that receive a role for the Disney Channel have worked diligently on their craft. Most of these children have played small parts in television shows or films. For instance, Adam Irigoyen, who received a guest-role on the show “Wizards of Waverly Place” led him into a lead role as Deuce on “Shake It Up!” Kid acting jobs for disney channel are competitive and your child must demonstrate some confidence in their role in order to get the part.


Adam had a dream of auditioning for Disney and told us that he would practice for his roles each day. In fact, he would practice singing and dancing so that he could get used to the musicals that are common in most Disney shows. If you’re going to let your child get involved with Disney casting calls, then your child should be prepared and practice as much as possible so that they can land a role!

Bring Water

On average, all disney channel auditions are 3 hours long. Eventually, they will start to feel faint and get dehydrated. You can avoid this issue if you keep your child hydrated and take a water bottle with you.


Since your child be learning dance movements at a fast pace, they will need to warm up or stretch their muscles. Doing so helps their body feel less sore afterwards and adjust their movements to the choreography. Disney kids casting auditions can be easier for your child if you teach them how to dance before going/

What Can You Do Next?

Basically, disney auditions for kids is a process that relies on your child’s ability to play the role properly and having fun. It doesn’t have to be stressful, and your child will gain a lot of experience from doing it.

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