Talented kids show their love and passion for acting at a very young age. Do they like trying on your hills and tend to choose more colourful clothes? Or maybe they recite long poems with passion and true emotions? Then your child definitely has a bright personality. And perhaps you even tried passing one or more auditions?

Broadway’s always looking for new talents. If your child’s signing, dancing or acting, gives you chills, your kid should try their luck at Broadway. Keep reading to find out more about Broadway auditions for kids and how to prevent your child from being crazy over passing one.

Broadway Auditions – How To Get Ready?

Broadway is the dream of many young talents. Full of lights and illuminations, Broadway seems to be a magical and unachievable dream. Though applying more efforts and persistence, any dream can be fulfilled. So, to become a Broadway star, your kid needs to apply for auditions and open casting calls.

If you a mother or father of upcoming talent, you need to see the Broadway show your child wants to play in. In case the show isn’t playing now, you can always google it! Also, search for information about the director: you need to figure out their style and manner. Little research will help your kid with the choice of material for the audition.

Material plays a vital role for Broadway auditions. If your kid intends to test the luck on many castings, you have to prepare a wide choice of monologues. Make sure your child knows two-three songs to impress the casting directors with.

When choosing the material, pay attention to those monologues, which show your kid’s best skills. Also, arrange the printed material in order. Highlight all songs instrumentals to make it clear which one should go first.

Prevent Your Child From Being Disappointed

More and more kids are excited about auditions and their moment of glory. But the acting world may be unfair and cruel sometimes. Children get too obsessed with applying to open castings and make Broadway the dream of their life.

But it’s not good to sacrifice everything for the minute on stage. With high expectations, children often go to auditions and then get disappointed and upset with the bad side of being an actor. Sometimes to get a role, they do need to make other candidates look poor. Would your kid like to do such a thing?

Kids are vulnerable. Their personalities only begin to develop and face stressful life challenges. Attending auditions, you are putting your kid’s courage, peer resistance and even emotional strength at test.

After you acknowledge acting career may be not easy-breezy for your precious kid, the question appears: does your child really want it?

If your child’s persistent enough, auditions will grasp them from the beginning. They will perform at their best and even enjoy the tremors more. Although, if your child seems not ready to show their skills, maybe you should test your luck a Broadway the next year.

Of course, sometimes kids just need more confidence. And you, as a parent, can assure them they are doing their best. But don’t pressure your child. With your support and understanding, their talents will find the way onto the stage.

Prepare Resume And Apply!

Once you decided to help your child get onto the stage, you need to tell the world about their achievements. The best thing to open up about it is to create a resume.

Resume should contain real and latest info on the contests, and talent shows your child participated in. If your kid doesn’t have previous experience, dwell on the things your little pumpkin loves doing like creating short videos, gardening, playing the flute, drawing comics or anything else.

Also, make sure to attach headshots. As for the headshots, directors want to see the clear and bright picture of all candidates. They see the thousands of resumes every day, and professional photos hardly impress them. So, to grab their attention, even more, your headshots need to stick to directors’ memory.    

Once the resume is done, check its formatting and mistakes. It has to be flawless to show your child is a pure rough diamond. Now you can send over the polished resume to different auditions for Broadway.

To apply, search for auditions for kids and open casting calls. Read the acting jobs’ description carefully to decide whether it’s what your kid wants. You can subscribe to Backstage Daily to receive more casting notices and be the first to apply for the role.

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