Amazing Advice To Help You Pass Disney Auditions For Kids In 2019

If you’re young and you love acting maybe you have the dream of becoming a Disney Channel star? In many cases, the world-famous actors and performers started as extras on the Disney Channel and, because of their experience, they turned to be very successful in their careers.

Many children are passionate about becoming Disney Channel actors. So it’s challenging to stand out among others. However, you may get to audition and impress casting directors if you work hard to acquire skills and establish contacts in the entertainment industry.

If you’re willing to learn and practice acting, here are fantastic advice to help you pass Disney auditions for kids.

Enroll In Acting Class

To learn the acting techniques necessary to become an actor Disney seeks, it is best to start taking classes. You need to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Taking classes or joining an acting club will also help you find friends who share your aspirations.

Attending improvisation or musical theatre classes, you will learn the skills you need and put your knowledge into action. You can start by enrolling in the theatre club at your school.

Participate In Talent Contests

Search online to see if there is any talent competition in your area and sign up for auditions. It could be helpful to get used to the pressure of auditions and learn to perform with confidence.

Maybe, if you perform well or win a competition, you will become known in the acting community and someone important can notice you.

Create A Portfolio

The Disney auditioning process is dizzying, and the casting directors quickly dismiss the unremarkable candidates. So, to be taken seriously, you need to build a portfolio. It can include a professional resume and quality photos of your face.

Your experience should be presented in an organized and attractive way. So consider getting your headshots taken by a skilled photographer. In case you can’t afford a professional photographer, don’t worry! You can ask a relative or a friend who has a good camera to take pictures of you.

The CV should have only one page and contain your most recent experience and your achievements. If your experience is limited, you should not worry, since Disney wants the best, not the busiest.

Reach The Distribution Director

Google up info on each of the current Disney Channel TV series, find out who are the distribution directors and write down their contacts. Then, compose a short e-mail introducing yourself and telling you would like to apply to audition. Send the e-mails to all directors. Do not forget to attach your CV and your headshots.

You can ask your relative or theatre class coach to help you. They can help you write letters and make sure they will be sent to the directors.   

Find Open Calls For The Disney Channel

From time to time, Disney Channel cast directors travel the US to carry out open casting calls where kids of a specific age range can participate. You can regularly check the Open Casting Calls tab on the Disney Careers or Backstage websites to find information about upcoming open auditions.

Practice Reciting Comedic Monologues

At auditions for the Disney Channel, you’ll have to recite a comedic monologue of your choice for at least 1 minute. You should practice it before the hearing so that you can express the whole range of emotions and avoid reading the words from a sheet of paper. Don’t worry if you get too immersed in your monologue! it is not necessary for you to focus on staying within the time limit.

You could ask your theatre coach to help you choose a monologue and practice it. Or google up the best monologues for Disney auditions in 2018, so you can perform with the most impressing recitation.

Show Your Personality

The first impression is everything. Unfortunately, you won’t have a lot of time to make an impression on casting directors, so use it wisely. Try to calm your worrying and just be yourself. Talk to them as if you were talking to your friends. If you feel overwhelmed and shocked, remind yourself something funny that happened to you, so you will become less tense.

Try to be as honest and authentic as possible. And don’t be afraid to look hilarious and funny! The casting directors want to know if you can bring something new to Disney Channel, not if you can copy one of the current stars of the channel.

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